Security / Family Safety

Let me help set up your home network for family safety. No need to load expensive, buggy “nanny” software–I can make make your internet a safe place to roam in a snap.

Virus Removal

undefined Is your computer behaving badly? Malware is not only a security risk but it can make your system almost impossible to use. Don’t let a few bugs drag you down! I’ll sweep those nasty bugs away and take measures to keep your computer running smoothly.


Need a bigger drive for all those photos? Power supply making horrible noises? Let me set you up with the right equipment that you need without the sales pressures of a big box store.


Keep what’s important to you! I can help you set up a backup system to store all your most important files–locally, in the cloud, or both. And if the worst happens, I can help. I can examine your hard drive to determine if your data is recoverable and rescue your files.


I can explain just about anything you might want to know, and not in geek-speak, either. (30 min minimum).

New systems

I can help you select a new system, set everything up from scratch, connect all your peripherals (monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc.), remove software you don’t want, transfer your old data, and provide a 20 – 30 minute consultation on your new digital friend.


Whether you need a new modem or want to share internet with a wireless router, I can get you up and running–and everything talking.

…and more!

Home automation (Alexa devices, etc.), smartphones, Rokus, home servers, the cloud…you name it!

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